Populate All Your Projects With Golaem Tools

Golaem Crowd

The multi-awarded Crowd Simulation tool

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Golaem Layout

Populate your scene in minutes without any simulation

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Speed up your productions

Golaem tools gives you the power to quickly populate your scenes with smart and directable digital characters.

  • Avoid repetitive animation tasks
  • Generate more variety for more realistic shots
  • Populate backgrounds and midgrounds in minutes, not weeks

Humans, horses, birds or extraordinary creatures, Golaem can animate anything. You can use it to populate all kind of shots : stadium, city or buildings set extension, battles and so on. 

Real-Time Crowds

Populate offline & in-game cinematics or get your Golaem characters to react to player actions or events.

  • Real-Time Simulation & Replay in Unreal Engine
  • USD procedural plugin
  • Integration APIs


Give life to your simulations

Populate your simulations with behaviorally realistic characters

  • Generate visual & behavioral variety on your characters
  • Node-based behavior design
  • Integration APIs

Golaem and Golaem Engine can help you train people and algorithms to react to real humans behaviors. You can run millions of simulations with Golaem characters in a very short amount of time. You can even launch and relaunch exactly the same simulation multiple times in order to test your developments