Tired of relaunching simulations again and again?

Retake simulations with smart procedural tools

In Maya, from any source (Golaem, Massive, Houdini, keyframe animation...)

Validate shots faster, Do retakes on the spot

Edit your simulation results directly in the viewport, as simply as any other Maya object, and validate your shots without going back to simulation.

Move characters, delete them, change their appearance, offset animation... all while keeping ground adaptation, even if the terrain changes

Quick Workflow / Fast Pipeline Integration

1. Import animated characters in Maya

2. Save them to Golaem cache in 1 click, or using API

3. Edit on the spot with the Golaem Layout Tool

4. Render

Capitalize on existing simulations

Create a simulation library to be shared between the team

Re-use existing simulations to create new scenes

Ligthen your scenes, Fasten your display

A Golaem cache is just like a smart proxy node in your scene. No geometry is stored, hence keeping your scene light and fast to open.

Golaem fast cache replay in the Maya viewport also ensures that your scene stays interactive whatever the number of characters.

"Post-simulation edition was so useful in this project!
I cannot imagine achieving our schedules without that feature"

Oscar Marquez, Lead Crowd Simulation at El Ranchito on Game of Thrones Season 7

They save time with Golaem Layout

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