Layout Your Scenes

Import vignettes in your scenes in one click.

Use the Layout tools to quickly place your characters (move, rotate, duplicate...) while benefiting from automatic ground adaptation and procedural tools (animation offset, time warp, mesh & shader editing).

Work Faster

A Golaem vignette is just like a smart proxy node in your scene. No geometry is store, hence keeping your scene light and fast to open.

Golaem fast cache replay in the Maya viewport also ensures that your scene stays interactive whatever the number of characters.

Intuitive Editing Tools

Transform character using Maya tools or scatter them with Golaem Populate Tool.

Deform trajectories with lattices, use auto-avoidance, IK/FK controllers...

Render Everywhere

Render with Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift, Renderman, 3Delight, in Maya, 3dsMax, Katana & Guerilla.

Export your creation to FBX or Alembic files

With Golaem Layout Library, I can go to the 5 or 10 shots needed to populate the streets, and literally drag and drop my animations. Coupled with the Layout Tool, you can create a completely complicated scenes in minutes.

Nicholas King aka "Nixolas" in Digital Production

They save time with Golaem Layout

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